Trauma Informed Professional Development for Staff

Staff Trauma-Informed Professional Development is essential to building an anti-racist, culturally relevant and inclusive work culture. Building your staff’s understanding of how trauma impacts mental health and work performance creates workplace conditions that destigmatize mental health, normalize conversations of personal wellness and identify healthier coping mechanisms.

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Trauma-Informed Education for Parents & Caregivers

Trauma-Informed Education for Parents & Caregivers serves as useful knowledge and practical tools as parents and caregivers seek to identify culturally relevant and non-triggering ways to support young adults, teens, and children as they navigate ongoing, or experienced, stress or trauma.

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Self-Paced Trauma-Informed Education Modules

Trauma-Informed Education offers useful knowledge and practical skill development for all interested. With a self-paced learning experience take advantage of trauma-informed education at a speed most conducive for your personal or professional development.

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Meditation & Calming Centers for Students

Students need designated safe spaces to practice emotional regulation and make mistakes with the opportunity to self-correct without being judged for being human. Meditation & Calming Centers offer schools an evidence-based, culturally relevant intervention that de-stigmatizes student mental health, promotes healthy coping and offers students an opportunity to advance their emotional intelligence.

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