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"The most useful portion of the session was the real life trauma-informed exemplars that we were able to work through and provide solutions for. This is by far a necessary activity for our staff as we deal with trauma on a massive level."
~ The Noble Network of Charter Schools

"Learning about the link between intelligences and coping mechanisms was useful. Being able to assist students in identifying their intelligences and then recommending coping mechanisms will be extremely helpful as an advisor and support for students."
~ The Noble Network of Charter Schools

"I learned about how students who have behaviors or other signs of trauma, sometimes don't know how to get help. In my mind I've always kind of assumed that they would just automatically know to ask a trusted adult for help and explain their situation. However, I've learned this is not the case. For me it means that I will need to be more diligent in looking for the signs of trauma or stress."
~ The Noble Network of Charter Schools

"Even though I attended the session to help me get better at being trauma informed for my students, it has also helped me deal with my own. My trauma is what motivated me to become an educator, and ProjectHEAL is helping me develop in a practical and trauma-informed way."
~ The Noble Network of Charter Schools

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"It is from the impacts of past assaults that we must heal, and it is from the threats of continuing assaults that we must learn to defend ourselves, our families and our communities."
~Dr. Joy DeGruy

Stress and Trauma effects OUR community,
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