Project+HEAL Fellowship

The Project+HEAL Fellowship is a 5 month experience where the primary objective is to introduce high school students--juniors and seniors who have endured traumatic experiences and reside in low-income communities--to expressive writing as a positive coping mechanism.







Childhood trauma has been conceptualized as a response to a negative external event or series of events which renders a child (or adult) "temporarily helpless" and surpass the child's (or adult's) "ordinary coping and defense operations.

The American Journal of Psychiatry




Coping refers to behavior that protects people from being psychologically harmed by problematic social experiences.

Journal of Health and Social Behavior V. 19



Expressive Writing

Expressive Writing is a technique that involves writing about thoughts and feelings that arise from a traumatic or stressful life experience.

Harvard Medical School: Expressive Writing for Mental Health